Reflection paper on Heritage – Civilization & the Jews: A People Is Born

Reflection paper on Heritage – Civilization & the Jews: A People Is Born

Write a brief summary of the main ideas of the program. Which ancient cultures were discussed, and what were some of the connections between them? How did we learn about them originally and, at least according to the narrator, what ideas from their time might still be relevant in ours? To illustrate your conclusions, you must mention at least 3 details each (places, people, technology, and/or events) from at least 2 of the cultures discussed.

Also, briefly summarize the topic/issue addressed in this related story concerning the end of the Babylonian Exile mentioned in Heritage: HYPERLINK “”

You can review the main program here:  HYPERLINK “”

Use an effective structure that carefully guides your reader from one idea to the next, and edit thoroughly so that sentences are readable and appropriate for an academic audience. 1000 words/ 3-4 pages (1” margins, typed, double-spaced, 10/12-pt. font); on a cover page or in the top left-hand corner, put your name, my name, our class, and the date. Choose a relevant title, too.

Remember, the first essay you deliver will count for your required essay and will be letter-graded; you may then write additional essays for extra credit (one grade step on an exam or other letter-graded assignment).

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