Human Systems Semester Research Paper

  • Gilpin, Political Economy of International Relations 
  • Steger, Chapters 3-6 (Manfred Steger, Globalization: A Very Short Introduction)

Other potential sources for background reading:

  • Commanding Heights
  • Fulcher, Preface, Chapters 3 and 6 (James Fulcher, Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction
  • Remarks from lectures

Robert Gilpin states the following on p. 25 of the reading I assigned to you:  “Although my values are of liberalism, the world in which we live is one best described by the ideas of economic nationalism and occasionally by those of Marxism as well.”  Why does Gilpin make this claim?

Finally, if you were asked by Professor Gilpin to write an introduction to his new book today, which of the three international political economic perspectives would you argue as best describing the current global international economic situation since the beginning of the 21st century?  Again, use the sources I provided above to substantiate you claim. Perhaps read Steger with an eye for the various “schools” of thought in each of the chapters in which he highlights the various perspectives on the political, economic, cultural, and ecological dimensions of globalization.  So, for instance, if you find that you are more of a “skeptic” in globalization debates as they relate to politics, you  might look for examples in the current political situation in the early 21st century in which states still have the final say about globalization processes.  On the other hand, if you are a Zakarian/Friedman optimist, you would want to look for examples that might demonstrate that the nation-state is increasingly unnecessary/powerless/unable to stop the globalization process. 

Length. 6-8 pages. Double-spaced.  Font sizes no smaller than 11 font. This writing assignment is a narrative, so refrain from answering the questions in a 1), 2), 3) format.  Perhaps model your writing style like Fulcher’s preface in his book, as I think he is the best writer of the two short volumes we have been using at present. I like cover pages.  A cover page should have a title, your name, my name with the appropriate title (i.e. Ph.D., Professor, etc), the course, and the date.  The cover page is part of the page count. Use a straightforward citing system (Hudson, 2011) when you cite in text.  For longer citations, use a block style format and separate the text with larger margins and quotation marks.  No bibliography is needed. 

Submission guidelines.  Submit your document electronically in the discussion link in BB.  I’ll send a note when it’s ready.

Grading.  I use a grading rubric that is common to all Human Systems courses.  The template will be on BB.  This assignment will be graded for contemporary issues analysis, sophistication of argumentation, and writing.  Papers will be uploaded to a software program to provide a grammatical raw score and citations score.  The citation score is the percentage of text that the program detects might need more clear citations.  I use this program as a first pass on grammar. 

Resubmissions.  I allow for one resubmission.  I will discuss timing on that later after Spring Break, but normally, you will have a two week window to resubmit for a better grade.  This is an option, not a requirement. 

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