Globalization Paper Rubric

The purpose of this essay is write a short analysis of how one region is integrated into the global economy today. The focus should be on what is happening now—however, digging into the history of the place will be a necessary part of explaining the present situation. The scale of the place you analyze, from neighborhood to world region, is up to you. However, you must justify this decision: why is this scale the best scale to analyze the processes of globalization you are analyzing? This means your paper should be focused on the processes of globalization which operate at that scale.

The criteria according to which this assignment will be graded are: how well it describes and analyzes the globalization of the chosen place, how well it integrates this analysis into the readings and the larger context of the course, and how well it meets academic writing standards.

An excellent essay will contextualize the globalization of the place within larger patterns of globalization and development addressed in class. Use the concepts from the readings and class as an integral part of the analysis, employing quotes from the readings (and sources) where appropriate. Finally, an excellent essay will be written to academic style: along with good writing, the sources used will be appropriate to the topic, properly cited, and of academic quality.

Analysis (50%)

Context (25%)

Writing (25%)


The essay offers insight into how this specific place fits into and is also unique within larger patterns of globalization and development. The essay makes clear the ways in which this region is produced through, not merely a recipient of, globalization and development.

Writing is fluid and to the point, making the paper’s arguments clearly and forcefully. The sources cited are comprehensive, evidencing a thorough research effort.


The specific global networks that the region is connected into, and the role it plays within them, are clearly analyzed.

The most relevant concepts from the readings and class lectures are used to explain the globalization of the place being examined.

The essay is well-organized, with a clear structure. Sources are well-chosen, contributing to the paper’s function.


The scale of the place under analysis is clearly defined and justified.

Some specific concepts from the readings or class lectures are mentioned.

Writing is readable, with no or insignificant errors. The basic requirements for sources are met.


The essay discusses the contemporary globalization of one place.

The analysis is contextualized in reference to broad concepts of globalization and development.

Writing is workable and mostly coherent.


(It is unclear what is being analyzed.)

(No reference to class context is made.)

(Errors overwhelm meaning.)

The rubric above is additive: to get an A, you must fulfill all the requirements for B, C, & D as well. An F grade indicates that none of the above requirements have been fulfilled.

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